30-Day Bikram Yoga Challenge – Day 13

Friday February 1, 2008 – Day 13; Class 14

9:15 a.m. At Yoga Crossing, Kelly has made a “30-Day Challenge” chart to encourage more people to take on this challenge. It’s great to have so many people participating in this healthy experience!

Yesterday, my friend told me that he had been reading this blog, and that I sounded like I am on a whole different level when writing it. I don’t feel as though this challenge is really changing or altering me, only that it makes day-to-day decisions and interactions more clear and easy. Outside of class, I definitely feel healthier, more fit, and less bogged down by any baggage – mental or physical. I still feel like me, but maybe a bit of change is taking place afterall…

I tried the variation on half moon pose today – WOW…big difference! It’s so aparent that I had been collapsing into my lower back to bend down so far, and now I really have to build up some strength. When I did what Kelly suggested and actually came up a little bit and held the posture higher than I normally would using more strength, half mood pose went from being one of my easiest postures to one of the hardest in the series. I don’t want to cheat in any postures; I really am determined to get as much out of this challenge as possible, so I suppose catching this mistake now is better than practicing this way for the entire 30 days and beyond…

Another class on the small side this morning but great energy all around. Almost half way there!

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