Posture Clinic, Posture Clinic, and More Posture Clinic

Week 4 consisted of endless hours of the infamous part of Teacher Training: POSTURE CLINIC. This is the time when the trainees stand up in front of already certified Bikram Yoga instructors – some are full time Teacher Training staff members while other are visiting teachers – and recite the dialogue for whichever posture we are on that day. While the trainee is reciting from memory, three other students demonstrate the posture, simulating the students in the class that the person reciting will be teaching. After the student recites the dialogue, the certified instructors give feedback. Tone of voice, voice pitch, energy, connection to students, speed, verbatim dialogue, inflection, and confidence are all things that we are told to work on.


While these posture clinic sessions are not held with the entire Teacher Training group – we are split up into eight groups of about 40-50 people – standing up in front of a group of people to say something from memory can be extremely nerve racking. A few times for me, I have known the dialogue precisely but blanked on a line when my turn came to give the dialogue. The instructors that give us feedback have emphasized the importance and necessity of using repetition when this happens because if a teacher blanks in an actual class, she has to say something.


Sometimes I feel like studying the dialogue for posture clinic is just like cramming for a big test: We know the information for the exam and then forget it immediately after. This, however, is not quite true. Many teachers have urged us to repeat the dialogue to ourselves before we go to bed for the postures that we have already recited; to be honest, I surprised myself with how much I remember. Sitting through posture clinic helps drill the dialogue into our brains, no doubt about that, because when we are not reciting or demonstrating, we are sitting and listening.


This week we will for sure continue with posture clinic, and hopefully get through the majority of the dialogue.

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One Comment on “Posture Clinic, Posture Clinic, and More Posture Clinic”

  1. Marc Says:

    Thanks for filling us all in on these amazing weeks. Your comments about experiencing pain as an unfamiliar sensation, the impulse to help people, the idiosyncracies of different teachers : interesting stuff… I’m looking forward to catching up with you when you return

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