Yoga Haze

From about the middle of week 6 up until now, I have been in the thickest yoga haze of my life. All we do is eat, sleep, breathe, dream, think, and talk yoga. Each day is exactly the same – class, lunch, posture clinic, class, dinner, lecture – so the days blend together and create this yoga fog. Everything is yoga. For a while I felt as though I was so far into this experience, yet the end still seemed beyond reach, hence the “yoga haze” that manifested. Only now I finally can catch a glimpse of the end, probably because we only have one week, eight classes, four week days remaining – however you want to look at it!


Bikram has been teaching us most afternoons since he returned back from India. Lately he has been calling several people up to his podium who have remarkable postures and having them demonstrate in front of the 300+ people in class. In addition to seeing a great posture, we also get a slightly longer water break, so I don’t mind when he does that. 😉  His classes still are never easy by any stretch of the imagination. This past week the heat has seemed more intense; I’m not sure if the room actually is warmer, or if it’s just me. In any event, classes have certainly not been getting any easier the deeper we get into training. As far as lectures go, we haven’t had any 4 a.m.-ers lately, that certainly doesn’t mean we won’t, but for the past week he has not kept us past 2 a.m. once.


Posture clinic wrapped up in the beginning of week 8. Since we finished so early, we’ve had a chance to take some time to have some mock classes. With these, we break up into our posture clinic groups and one person acts as the teacher by giving the dialogue, essentially teaching, for three or four postures in a row. The staff and other instructors keep telling us that we are so lucky to have the time to do this because most times during teacher training, regular posture clinic does not end until right before the graduation. When I’ve been the teacher for these mock classes, it definitely feels a lot more like teaching, probably because we’re not getting judged or graded on our memorization and delivery, and I’m surprised at how much dialogue I have retained from earlier postures, even from the first few weeks of training.


I expect that in this coming week – THE FINAL WEEK – we will have quite a bit of lectures from Bikram. I also know that we will see a demonstration of the advanced series which is a flow series of 84 “advanced” postures. I’ve been saying the dialogue in my sleep, as everyone said I would, and I’m ready to teach! Good thing my first class is two days after I get home…!

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