4 Classes Down, 4 To Go…

In the final week that is. I think in total we have done about 93 classes and have four to go! Emmy is back for the final week of training, and she has taught us this morning and yesterday morning. She seems disturbed and annoyed with how inflexible our hamstrings are – not much improvement from the second week when she was here she tells us. GREEEAAAAT. Although I’m not too concerned with the inflexibility of my hamstrings at this point (again, I’m just trusting this process) ending the training with a bit of improvement wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either!


Speaking of improvement, the postures in which I thought I would have improved over the course of nine weeks I think I have regressed. For example, I was convinced I would be able to lock out my right leg in standing bow which is far from happening. I also thought my hamstrings would just become more and more flexible; I never considered that they would shorten entirely and leave me wondering whether I actually have those muscles. Spine twisting is the one process that I have noticed a large improvement, and one that I never really think too much about. I can just feel myself twisting further and being able to grab more of my thigh.


I can’t believe this nine week training is coming to a close. When high school, college, summer camp, vacations, even big one-day events end, I’m always sad and nostalgic – not for this. I don’t doubt that when I go home I will miss certain aspects of training, although I’m wondering which one: Double yoga classes? 4 a.m. lectures? Feeling sweaty all day every day? Hmmm… But in all seriousness I think that I will miss the energy of practicing in a room with 300 people all working towards becoming teachers. I have gotten the impression that most people here do what to teach once we graduate, so to practice among that desire every day, twice a day is pretty powerful.


As for right now, we have fewer than 72 hours until we graduate and that moment cannot come any sooner!

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